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FACTS Premium for: horticulture crops reduced from 25pc to 5pc Kharif crop decreased from 15pc earlier to 2pc Rabi crop decreased from 15pc
How Successful are 10 years of MGNREGA: MGNREGA SCHEME: promises unskilled manual work for 100 days, to adult person of all rural households it
INTRODUCTION: Reservation for SC/ST’s in public education and employment , came within the constitution, immideatly after independence. However,
Introduction Massive mobilization of security personnel across Gujarat Due to possible terror attacks from Pakistan Reactions-Surprise and
Introduction: In 2014 Jats were given reservation in education and employment in Harayana govt and the Union govt within the OBC quota Supreme
  Introduction: Focus on Agriculture and Rural economy GDP growth pegged at 7.6pc Focus on cutting plan expenditure to control fiscal