IAS Preparation Tips from Toppers

IAS Preparation Tips from Toppers

In this article, we have compiled IAS preparation tips from toppers through the years. This includes precise tips that helped these toppers achieve their IAS dreams.

Ira Singhal: AIR 1, CSE 2014

Don’t mug up anything. Be strong in your basics, read NCERTs.

Tina Dabi: AIR 1, CSE 2015

Every topic in every subject must be revised at least three times. What is studied in a week must be revised in the very next week.

Nandini K R: AIR 1, CSE 2016

Instead of reading many books for a single topic read one book many times.

Anju Arun Kumar: AIR 90, CSE 2016

Even if you are good at writing, it is important to enroll for a test series or any other writing practice, to improve presentation and speed.

Hariram Shankar (AIR 145, CSE 2016)

You should think multi-dimensionally when you write answers in the GS papers. Don’t assume that one current affairs article will help you answer one question comprehensively.

Rahul Sharma (AIR 76, CSE 2016)

Revise again and again. Make short notes as and when you read the daily newspaper.

Poonam Dalal (AIR 308, CSE 2015)

When you read the newspaper, get into the shoes of an examiner. Try to frame questions from the news and editorials. This will help you extract more value from the newspapers.

Nitin Sangwan (AIR 28, CSE 2015)

You should answer to the point in the mains exam and cover multiple dimensions.

Renu Raj (AIR 2, UPSC 2014)

Mock papers work wonders for you. Do practice them.

Roshni Thomson (AIR 98, CSE 2014)

It is you who matters and not your family status. Prepare well and keep yourself motivated. (About profile insecurity in the IAS exam)

Roman Saini (AIR 18, CSE 2013)

Single minded ruthless hard work is the key to success in the USPC civil services.

Gaurav Agrawal (AIR 1, CSE 2013)

Before quitting your job, take leave, study and see if you still have the interest to study. (On working professionals)

Akash P (AIR 63, CSE 2013)

Don’t argue with the UPSC interview chairman, and take his questions very seriously. (On success in the UPSC personality test)

Pratik Tayal (AIR 92, CSE 2016)

Understand the relative importance of each topic so that you can allocate time accordingly.

Naveen Bhat (AIR 37, CSE 2016)

Keep the number of books minimal as per the UPSC syllabus and revise them repeatedly for a positive result.

Nikhil B (AIR 107, CSE 2016)

In the essay paper, cut down on excessive idioms, metaphors and flowery language. Keep it simple.

Dinesh Kumar C (AIR 24, CSE 2016)

Learn from your mistakes, enjoy the preparation process, and put in your heart and soul into it.

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