Environment & Ecology Strategy: Insights

The environment and ecology portion was included in the UPSC syllabus in 2011. Since then, it has proved to be a pivotal section in the IAS exams, both prelims and the mains. Environment and ecology contains important topics like global warming, climate change, species extinction, etc. that also come up in the current affairs section. This doubles the importance of these topics. Adding to the aspirants’ plights is the fact that there is no prescribed framework in which to learn these topics from. They seem open-ended and diverse. Nevertheless, aspirants cannot afford to ignore these topics if they are serious about cracking the IAS exam.

The environment and ecology section deals with topics that are generally current in nature. It is inextricably linked to current affairs. It is also related to other subjects such as geography, economy, general science, disaster management, science and technology and government schemes. When you study this segment of the UPSC syllabus, you must focus on all the above-mentioned angles as well. For example, the Clean Ganga Mission is essentially a part of polity and schemes, but you must definitely look at the environment aspect of it as well. You must also pay attention to national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, flora and fauna conservation as they form an important part of the environment syllabus. They are especially important from a prelims point of view. Issues like global warming, climate change, energy conservation, renewable energy, etc. are all important from both prelims and mains perspective.

BYJU’S have come up with exclusive strategy to deal with the vibrant environment and ecology sections for the UPSC exam. Click on the links below and read great strategies and tips to deal with the environment and ecology segment of the UPSC exam.

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