UPSC IAS Exam Preparation: Make Your Last Attempt the Best

There are many UPSC success stories of candidates who have cracked the intimidating IAS exam in their very first attempt. But not all who take the UPSC exam are this fortunate. Many attempt three or four times before taking success. Some repeat attempts even after clearing the IAS exam in order to get their desired post and service.

What do you do if you have only one shot left to achieve UPSC success either because of the number of attempts or your age? How do you go about preparing for the IAS exam in this scenario? Read on for more.

The plus side of your preparation is that you are a veteran when it comes to the IAS exam preparation. You know the drill. You would know that it takes intensely planned preparation for long hours to crack what is considered the toughest exam in the country. You would know about the UPSC syllabus and pattern and don’t have to learn anything from scratch. You would be well-versed with many of the topics in the IAS syllabus.

Things to do before your last IAS preparation:

Review your optional subject: If you have cleared the prelims previously and it was in the mains that you failed, revisit your optional subject. Is this the area that is pulling you down? Think about it and come to a decision.

Review your preparation strategy: Why didn’t you crack the IAS exam? Did you ignore the UPSC syllabus? Did you ignore current affairs? Did you fail to correlate the current affairs material with the IAS Syllabus?

Writing practice: You studied well and sincerely. But did you ignore to write out answers? This is a major part of your IAS preparation and failure to do this can be one of the causes of your IAS failure so far. So, start writing!

Previous year UPSC question papers: In the IAS exam, going over past year question papers is very important. Only this will give you a feel of the UPSC pattern and also familiarize you with the vital topics.

Take mock tests: Only with self-assessment can you can be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Take mock tests and learn how to time your answer writing as well. Enroll for BYJU’S All India Prelims Test Series and stay ahead of your competition.

Most important: Stay positive. Don’t think of this as your last attempt. Think of it as just another attempt and immerse yourself in the UPSC exam preparation. Give it your all. Success will follow. Stay away from stress and negativity.


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