The issue of e- commerce is making a lot of news these days and now FDI in e-commerce is allowed, it's an important development and there are
The Hindustan Times- Mar 31 (Editorial)  (inputs for writing essays on gender issues)  Gender gap includes the differences between women and
India EU relations UPSCIndia has maintained cordial relations with the European Union in the past and had strategic partnerships with countries
The ratio of women to men at the Bar is very low. Women designated as senior lawyers are lower than men. There are few women heading law firms.
In a spectrum auction governments of various countries design an auction system to sell the licences(rights) to transmit signals across specific
Free internet availed would help in communication and knowledge despite the fact that it is not insulated from abuse. Various efforts have been
Goods and Services Tax (GST), officially known as the Constitution Bill proposes a unified Value Added tax in India . The Bill is supposed to
Source/Location: The Hindu Timothy Meyer (Vanderbilt University Law School Professor) writes in The Hindu on 28 Mar 2016 about the on-going
Table of Contents: A. GS1 Related: B. GS2 Related: 1. Quadrants of a renal quandary C. GS3 Related: 1. Invasive catfish rules Kerala’s
Aung San Suu Kyi is the State Counsellor of Myanmar. She is a very famous Human Rights activist, who is known to have bought democracy to

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