Necessary Pre-Conditions For Good Governance

Good governance is a topic that frequents the news these days. As IAS aspirants, it is necessary for students to read about this topic and try to link it to several topics in the IAS syllabus. In this article, you can read about the conditions required for good governance as given in 2nd ARC (12th Report).

A study of the hindrances to good governance shows that there are many preconditions that must be satisfied to make governance citizen-centric. A few of the preconditions are given below:

  1. Effective legal framework
  2. Sound and effective institutional mechanism for correct implementation of laws
  3. Competent employees manning these institutions and efficient personnel management policies
  4. Apt policies for delegation, decentralisation and fixing accountability.

In addition, several tools can also be used to make the administration citizen-centric. These are listed below:

  1. Re-engineering processes
  2. Adopting correct modern technology
  3. Right to information
  4. Citizens’ charters
  5. Independent services’ evaluation
  6. Grievance redressal mechanisms
  7. Active citizens’ participation – public-private partnerships

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