Never Give up!: UPSC Prelims Result

never give up


We just got through the big news from the UPSC announcing the results of the IAS prelims 2018 that was conducted on 3rd June. Congratulations to those who have made it to the next level, i.e. the UPSC Mains commenced on 28th of September. For those who could not make it, do not lose heart. You know you can appear for it the coming year as well. So, why lose heart or why give up? Isn’t it?

For those who could not crack the UPSC prelims this year and are afraid where the UPSC committee will ease the age limit taking away your chance to appear for the exams next year- Well, it is wise to be positive, not give up and keep the preparations coming for the next attempt as the decision has not been finalized yet.

Clearing the hurdles of the UPSC and becoming an IAS/IPS is your goal and you have put in all the efforts to achieve it. If you have not cleared it this time, you have actually doubled the chances of clearing it the next time. Reasons:

  1. Experience – Now you have an idea of how the UPSC exams are
  2. Question Pattern – You are aware of the kind of questions asked in paper 1 and paper 2
  3. Better Planning – You can identify the areas you have missed and plan your focus accordingly
  4. Better Learning Resourse – You can also better your preparations by including Byju’s Learning App to your list

Rather than loosing heart, feeling low and giving up on it, you should take a break and gradually get into the preparation mode for next Prelims. Take it as an opportunity to better your learning because it is very important to be on the right learning path especially when you are preparing for competitive exams. This includes learning from the right resource like Byju’s The Learning App for IAS training where you get access to learn from India’s best team of IAS trainers who give you an up to date material with proper emphasis on important topics for current affairs, world history and so on. It is also important to take periodic tests to know where you stand and also enhance your preparations.

What if you are not eligible for the next attempt – Cutoff Age?

If UPSC Prelims 2018 was your last attempt as per the cutoff age, it is still okay. Of course yes, cracking the UPSC was your dream, but it is important to know where your strength lies. Every individual has different capabilities and talent. So, instead of being disappointed and having ideas of giving up on life, you should,

  1. Identify your strength and enhance it
  2. If you already have a career in a different line and you were holding back on it for UPSC, it is time to throw all your focus on it and start progressing
  3. Take a diversion – Learn something new that interests you and keep going

So, folks! Giving up in general is not a great idea. If it is about achieving your dream goal like nailing the UPSC exams, then it is definitely not a good idea. Be determined and have faint in yourself. Tell yourself that yes, it did not happen this time, but you will see it coming your way in your next attempt. And there you are sorted! Keep your spirits and cheers, high and bring on the preparations in full swing and crack the UPSC Prelims in your next attempt.

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