Importance of Practising UPSC Previous Year Question Papers

This article talks about the necessity and importance of practicing UPSC previous year question papers. To clear the UPSC Civil Services exam, there are many things you must do compulsorily. Apart from meticulous planning and study, regular revision and writing practice, you must also make a regular habit of practicing UPSC previous year question papers. Your IAS preparation cannot be deemed complete unless you practice previous year question papers.

There are many benefits of Practising previous year IAS question papers. They are:

  • You will get a feel of the UPSC exam questions.
  • You can be aware of the IAS question paper pattern.
  • You will know what are the trends in the question papers through the years.
  • You will know what topics are important and what topics you can give least importance to.
  • By practicing previous year question papers, you will become conscious of your strengths and weaknesses. You will be aware of your weaker areas and can concentrate more on those subjects or topics.
  • By practicing previous year question papers, you will also be able to time your answer writing. You will also know how to stay within the word limit. This way you will be able to complete your answer paper. Given the descriptive nature of the questions in the IAS mains, there may be a tendency to write on and on. This way, you will be unable to finish your paper. Avoid this scenario by practicing previous year question papers.

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  • Even for the UPSC prelims exam, you can know how much time to dwell on a question. You must take special care here as you would be penalised for wrong answers.

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