Advantages of Preparing For UPSC Online

Preparation of IAS exam has changed eventually over the years. With technology revolutionizing in every sector, IAS exam preparation domain isn’t spared! Unlike before, where learning was associated with classroom and library which were accessible only to those few living in metro cities, information is now available just a click away.

With easy Internet accessibility, social media and gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops has metamorphosed the way candidates look at UPSC examination. With everything available online, there is no need for a candidate to adhere to the age old approach of attending classroom coaching or spend time in library.

Through this post, you can learn how to make the best use of technologies available.

    • Subscribe for online IAS coaching

By subscribing to Byju’s IAS, you get study materials and customized timetable with preparation strategies.
After subscribing at Byju’s, you get a tablet with preloaded videos, study materials, sample papers, mock tests and shortcut methods to help you arrive at a solution in a jiffy. Byju’s also offers a candidate with a dedicated mentor who would guide the candidate throughout IAS exam preparation.

    • Access Government websites

Information regarding the examination and other topics like Government schemes, international relations etc. can be accessed from

    • Power of Social Media

Many IAS aspirants, bid a farewell to social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. once they start for IAS preparation. Subscribe to good pages that will help you get information and updates relating to IAS examination.

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    • Video learning

Gone is the era of classroom learning which eventually gets monotonous and boring. With interactive videos, learning can be engaging. Video learning helps you to remember concepts for a longer time.

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    • Mobile applications

With access to smart phones, mobile learning can be incorporated. Install Byju’s Learning App from Google play store. Byju’s mobile app is available for free download and is user friendly.

    • Use other features on your tablet/phone:

Smart phones, tablets and laptops are flooded with features. Use the voice recorder on your phone/tablet to record notes or points which you can hear to while travelling. You can also type notes on notepad or write reminders using sticky notes which further helps you to remember better.

With these recommendations, IAS aspirants can prepare for their UPSC examinations online by being tech savvy!