Advantages of Preparing for UPSC Online

Preparing for the IAS exam has changed significantly over the years. With technology revolutionizing every sector, the IAS exam preparation also hasn’t been spared! Unlike before, when learning was associated with classrooms and libraries, which were accessible only to a select few, information is now available easily, and is just a click away.

With easy Internet accessibility, social media and gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops have metamorphosed the way candidates look at UPSC examination. With everything available online, there is no need for candidates to adhere to the age old approach of attending classroom coaching or spending a lot of time in the library making notes out of expensive textbooks.

Through this post, you can learn how to make the best use of technologies available and prepare for the IAS exam effectively and efficiently.

Online IAS Coaching

In today’s day and age, the best way to prepare for an exam as difficult as the IAS exam is to study in online in the comfort of your home. Forget about the old adage, ‘Delhi is the mecca of IAS coaching’. You can subscribe to BYJU’S free IAS prep website and get the best IAS study material for free! BYJU’S online coaching allows you access to the daily news analysis (in both text and video format), PIB analysis, NCERT notes, gist of Yojana, Kurukshetra and EPW magazines, gist of the Rajya Sabha TV discussions, weekly business news roundup and more.

If you download the BYJU’S App and subscribe, you can get access to more video lectures and study material via the BYJU’S tablet for IAS program. Know more here.

Government websites

Government websites are authentic sources of information. Websites of various ministries and government bodies provide information about their activities. You can visit such sites and collect information that is assured to be correct and reliable.

Social Media

Social media sites offer a variety of benefits such as study material, current affairs, updates, discussions with fellow aspirants, etc. But make sure to use this tool in moderation. It is easy to get distracted here. Stay focused and reap the benefits of this new-age media.

Video learning

Gone is the era of classroom learning which eventually gets monotonous and boring. With interactive videos, learning can be engaging. Video learning helps you to remember concepts for a longer time.

Subscribe to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel now, and access IAS video lectures, daily news analysis, etc. for free. You can watch a video lecture here:

Mobile Applications

With access to smartphones, mobile learning is possible. Install the Byju’s Learning App from Google play store. Byju’s mobile app is available for free download and is user friendly.

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