Sure-Shot Formula to IAS Success

“Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway.”


If you are an IAS aspirant, you might have asked at least once, ‘What is the sure-shot formula to IAS success?’ Yes, there is a sure-shot formula to IAS success, but unfortunately, it is not a magic pill that you can take. It is a series of things you can do, all of which would culminate in your IAS success. Let us tell you at the outset that cracking the UPSC exam is not rocket science. All it takes is practicing certain tested things and devising and following a planned strategy for the UPSC exam. Follow the 8 steps listed below and see for yourself how the IAS preparation is made a lot easier and stress-free:


  • Internalize the UPSC syllabus

It cannot be reiterated enough that as far as the IAS exam is concerned, the UPSC syllabus is bible. Everything you read from any book or newspaper for the IAS exam should be related to the UPSC syllabus. The UPSC board, by and large sticks to the IAS syllabus only.


  • Stick to a study routine

Ensuring that a large syllabus is covered and you have enough time for revision is possible only if you follow a study routine. Create a daily and monthly time table for your IAS preparation and stick to it. Only routine practice enables you to study for a whole year for an exam without losing enthusiasm and focus.

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  • Practice previous year papers

Clearing a three-stage exam like the IAS requires you to be fully aware of the pattern and type of questions asked. You cannot wait to be surprised or rather, shocked while taking the exam. Go through previous IAS papers. They serve the twin purpose of familiarizing yourselves with the paper pattern and also knowing the important topics to focus on. Get all the previous year IAS question papers from this website!


  • Read newspapers wisely

    Of course, you know that cracking the UPSC exam is not possible without reading newspapers. But it is also essential that you know how to read a newspaper wisely for the IAS exam. Read more…


  • Make notes and study

Just reading a lot of material won’t get you far. You must make notes for each subject if you want to streamline your studies. Note-making makes revision easier. It also organizes your study material and makes it less confusing.


  • Current affairs is key

Ignore this key aspect at your own risk! Current affairs form the crux of the IAS exam. Even the static portions are asked by the UPSC with a current affairs twist. BYJU’S gives you all the current affairs you want to know with its Comprehensive News Analysis and Current Affairs section.


  • Revise, revise and revise some more

Revision is a chief reinforcement in your IAS preparation. It ensures that you remember all that you have learned and also gives you last-minute confidence.


  • Mock tests

Practice mock tests especially before the IAS prelims. As you know, the prelims have negative marking. Enroll for BYJU’S All India Prelims Test Series and test yourself. Assess your own strengths and weaknesses and also, learn how to time your answering.


Most important, stay involved, positive and confident. All The Best!


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