The Life of an IAS Officer

The life of an IAS officer is both challenging and satisfying for a driven individual. It is the perfect opportunity for youngsters to directly participate in the administration and development of their country. The private sector may have its charms but nothing can beat the respect and prestige that bureaucrats, particularly IAS officers get in society. Life changes forever and for the better once a person steps into the shoes of an IAS officer. And, the only way to get there is by clearing the prestigious IAS exam.

Imagine hobnobbing with the who’s who of the political circle at Delhi; or, being sent to the United Nations on a mission representing the Indian government. Imagine being Secretary to the Chief Minister of a state; or actually framing government policies and being responsible for implementing them. You could even be having tea with the Prime Minister on a regular basis! Think T N Seshan, E Sreedharan, Nirupama Rao, Armstrong Pame, etc. These people are admired by many Indians for doing their part in creating a better India and it was the civil services that gave them the opportunity to do so.

T N Seshan, the man who cleaned up India’s elections, was one of the IAS toppers in 1955. As the Chief Election Commissioner, he implemented a variety of reforms in the electoral process in India that earned him the ire of many politicians but also endeared him to the people of this country. Another civil servant who brought about a major transformation in the country is E Sreedharan, India’s ‘Metro Man’. Sreedharan, a Padma Vibhushan awardee, was responsible for the timely execution of the Delhi Metro project. He was known for boldly side-lining political pressure and circumventing political interventions for speedy execution of projects.

Major schemes and policies such as the demonetisation, for example, are all announced by the Prime Minister or other ministers, but do you know that the team behind such moves are almost entirely from the civil services? Hasmukh Adhia, an IAS officer was part of the handful number of people who were working with the PM on demonetisation. Everyone knows about the government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the mission to clean up India. But few know that the man who headed this campaign was a retired IAS officer, Parameswaran Iyer. Iyer was even praised by the Prime Minister in his Mann Ki Baat programme.

There are remote hamlets in our country even today where the most basic needs are lacking and people’s lives are miserable. Imagine being responsible for bringing drinking water, transportation facilities, health facilities, educational institutions, sanitation, nutrition and dignity into the lives of people in such places. The gratitude and reverence civil servants get in the due course of their jobs in such conditions is priceless, and no amount of money or comforts can match that.

Apart from the respect that IAS officers receive from people, the benefits that an officer gets in the course of his career are also attractive. Not only do officers get a good salary, they also get government accommodation (complete with domestic help, cooks, gardeners, guards, etc.), electricity and phone bills taken care of, and government vehicles. In addition, IAS officers are also entitled for paid leaves to study abroad at top-ranked universities, which could even be funded by the government!

It can be safely said that the civil services is a fantastic career choice for youngsters who are passionate about making a difference. This is one job where you can bring smiles to people’s faces on a daily basis just by doing your job! Today might be an age of start-ups and unicorns, but the awe with which ordinary people look at IAS officers is unparalleled and undiminished. Two words that describe the life of an IAS officer would be RESPECT and POWER.

You too can become an IAS officer and do your bit to make a positive change in people’s lives. Even though it is generally opined that the IAS exam is really tough and only a few brilliant people can clear it, the fact is, the IAS exam can be cracked by anyone who puts in diligent labour in the prescribed manner. The only requirement is to understand the demands of the exam perfectly and study accordingly, and this is where guidance from experienced people matter. Taking help from experts in the field will boost a candidate’s chances of cracking the IAS exam in the first attempt itself. This is because experts understand the peculiar demands of the exam and help streamline the preparation. For instance, in the current affairs segment, which is so crucial for this exam, experienced trainers know what to read from the daily news and what to weed out. So, if you wish to become a civil servant and experience first-hand the life of an IAS officer, make a decision, take help from the experts, and dive into a journey that will change you forever!

To get into IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS and many other services a candidate shall have to clear Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by the UPSC. Want to know more about the exam? We’re just a call away! Call us at +91 9243500460.

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