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UPSC 2017-18: PIB Summary and Analysis Aug 07

UPSC 2017-18: PIB Summary and Analysis Aug 07 for IAS Exam Preparation.

Measles-Rubella (MR) Campaign widens its reach

2nd phase of MR vaccination campaign rolled out.

India, alongside ten other WHO South East Asia Region part nations, have set out to take out measles and control rubella/congenital rubella syndrome(CRS) by 2020.

Toward this path, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has started measles-rubella (MR) vaccination campaign in the age group of 9 months to under 15 years in a staged way the country over.

The campaign plans to cover roughly 41 crore kids and will be the biggest ever immunization campaign around the world.

All kids from 9 months to under 15 years old will be given a single shot of Measles-Rubella (MR) immunization amid the campaign. Following the campaign, MR antibody will turn into a piece of routine vaccination and will supplant measles immunization, as of now given at 9 a year and 16 two years of time of youngster.

The Measles-Rubella campaign is a part of worldwide endeavors to decrease ailment and passings because of measles and rubella/CRS in the nation. Measles immunization straightforwardly adds to the lessening of under-five child mortality, and in blend with rubella antibody, it will control rubella and avert CRS.

Prelims Fact:

Measles Measles, a very infectious vaccine preventable disease, stays one of the main sources of childhood mortality, prompting an expected 450 death every day around the world. Rubella is a contamination that is generally gentle when experienced in youth; however it can frequently prompt genuine and at times deadly complications in the baby when an unprotected woman obtains the disease right on time in pregnancy (inborn rubella contamination) or to innate rubella disorder in infants.

Under the Global Vaccine Action Plan, measles and rubella are focused for elimination in five WHO Regions by 2020. WHO is the lead specialized organization in charge of coordination of vaccination and observation exercises supporting all nations to accomplish this objective.

3rd National Handloom Day celebrated across the country.
  • The Government of India is taking different activities for the welfare of handloom weavers.
  • Over half of aggregate weaver populace of India lives in North Eastern Region, the vast majority of whom are women.
  • The prime goal of holding National Handloom Day in Guwahati is to empower women and young girls.


India and Iran reiterate their commitment for early operationalization of 
Chabahar Port.

Both the countries held wide ranging discussions on many issues including India’s cooperation in the development of Chabahar Port and proposed rail link between Chabahar & Zahedan.

Importance of Chabahar port to India:

The port will clear a path for India to sidestep Pakistan in transporting merchandise to Afghanistan utilizing an ocean arrive course. At exhibit, Pakistan does not enable India to transport through its domain to Afghanistan. It has, be that as it may, as of late enabled some Afghan shipments to come to India.

This will likewise offer force to the International North-South Transport Corridor of which both are introductory signatories alongside Russia. Iran is the key passage in this venture. It involves the ship, rail, and road courses for moving cargo between India, Russia, Iran, Europe and Central Asia. The course principally includes moving cargo from India, Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia. The goal of the gateway is to build exchange network between real urban areas, for example, Mumbai, Moscow, Tehran, Baku, Astrakhan and so on.

It would counter Chinese presence in the Arabian ocean through the help to Pakistan in creating Gwadar port. It can be utilized to station security vessels for shipper transports off the African drift separated from giving the nation a toehold in the western Arabian Sea, which is vital the same number of its vitality imports go through the course.

UPSC Mains Practice Question:
  1. Critically discuss the importance of Chabahar port to India.

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