Last Week Preparation for UPSC Prelims

When there is hardly time left for the UPSC prelims exams, it is expected that the candidates appearing for the IAS prelims exam would have completed most of the UPSC syllabus and would be busy revising their IAS study material. 

Here are some tips that every aspirant should follow during the last week of their preparation for UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims Exam.

  • Focus on your strengths
  • Do not start with any new topics until and unless if you are 100% confident that you can finish the topic and strengthen your weak points
  • Do not worry about topics which you have skipped or find difficult rather concentrate on the topics covered and have a good command over your strengths
  • Avoid any unplanned and haphazard revision as it may lower your confidence level that may lead to scoring poorly in the prelims exam

Stick to your study plan as the right kind of preparation in the last few days will boost your confidence level and make you to score high in the exam.

Last Week Before Prelims

Candidates should at least take 40-50 mock tests, solve the papers repeatedly as few questions are could be asked in the actual prelims exam.

Read the question carefully and then choose the answer from the options given below.

Stay away from any new topics as reading a news or unfamiliar topic will confuse you and because of which you may tend to forget whatever you have studied till now.

For revision use your notes which you have written while studying and concentrate on highlighted points in your notes.

Don’t lose your strength in the hope of strengthening your weakness, be content and confident about what you have studied and revised till before the week of the prelims exam.


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