Clear UPSC IAS Exam Without Losing Your Peace Of Mind

IAS Prelims exam is approaching. As far as the exam day is considered as the crucial day for the UPSC aspirants. According to UPSC Calendar, the IAS Prelims examination is going to hold on 18th June 2017. Aspirants have 3-4 months to face the D-day. To demolish the hurdles of IAS Exam, the aspirants should have a peace of mind. Without a peace of mind on cannot accomplish his/ her goals.

Peace of mind is a condition of mental and enthusiastic tranquility, without any stresses, fears or anxiety. In this condition, the brain is tranquil, and an aspirant encounters a feeling of satisfaction and flexibility. This mode of mental state is essential for UPSC Exam preparation. You may wonder how to attain this?

Here we are giving some tips to attain the peace of mind during your UPSC preparation and Examination time as well.

Don’t dwell on the past

This is a piece of advice, especially for repeaters. Some aspirants might have failed in between that journey. The mental state of these aspirants is very tough to deal. It is essential to forget, learn lessons and move on in this journey. The past is not here any longer, so why consider it? Give past events a chance to be gone. Aspirants should ignore the past and concentrate on the present moment. There is no reason to bring out unsavory memories and get drenched in them.

Focus on your goal

Learn to focus your mind. This is the first step towards success. The aspirant should have a goal in their life and they have to stay focused till they achieve their goals. When an aspirant can focus their mind, they can effectively reject anxiety, stress and negative thoughts. It will also decrease the constant and annoying jabber of your mind.

Stop comparing yourself with others

The impulse to compare ourselves to others is as human as any other emotion. The UPSC aspirants tend to compare their efficiency with other aspirants. They tend to compare the answers, calculating marks right after IAS Prelims exam which may affect their performance and productivity. This is a bad indication which will further lead one to depression.  To come out of this, aspirants should Work hard to take care of their mental and physical state of mind by engaging themselves to boost self-confidence and enthusiasm.

Do not involve in social media.

Social media platforms are meant to be used effectively. Selective and efficient use social media will help in UPSC preparation. It is essential to minimize the time you spend social media without any purpose. Aspirants should acknowledge that by liking and share unwanted posts various social media platform. Sometimes your mind may distract by seeing the negative news and posts. Try to avoid distraction. It is important during UPSC preparation to maintain your mind in peace.

Say no to negative thoughts and talks

Avoid pessimistic discussions and from negative people. Aspirants don’t need their considerations and words to sink into your innermost thoughts and influence your mindsets and perspectives.

Accept and act

Acknowledge what can’t be changed. This spares a considerable amount of time and energy. During UPSC preparation, aspirants confront various troubles, annoyance, and circumstances that are beyond our ability to control. In the event that aspirants should be able to transform them, that is fine, however, this is not generally conceivable. We should figure out how bear hardships and accept them in a positive manner.

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