UPSC Mains 2017: Editorials Question for Answer Practice – April 06

Today’s important editorials and articles from The Hindu, The Indian Express, LiveMint and other major newspapers for UPSC Mains exam preparation. Also find below some probable questions on the editorials for answer writing practice.

Some keywords from the editorials: The Rail Development Authority (RDA), Union Cabinet, our primary functions—tariff determination; ensuring fair play and level playing field for stakeholder investment; setting efficiency and performance standards; and dissemination of information, Budget 2017, the National Democratic Alliance, The regulator, to be headed by a chairman and comprising three members, will have a five-year term and be empowered to engage experts, Union budget, radical rethinking on improving the transportation architecture, reduce the cost of cargo movement to North Eastern India, accessing transnational multi-modal connectivity and playing an important role in the proposed transportation architecture in the region and beyond, judicial cooperation between India and Bangladesh, mutual exchange of information on latest developments in the field of law and justice, to enable exchange of knowledge in infrastructure and information technology in this field, improve the services offered to passengers, provide comfort to investors in the rail sector and will enhance transparency and accountability, rationalise the entire fare structure for the railways, a great move as now consumers would see comparisons of Indian Railways vis a vis other transporters, Functions of RDA: Tariff determination,Ensuring fair play, Setting standards. Beef ban, cow slaughter. Commonly used chemical weapons are mustard gas, phosgene, chlorine, and the nerve agents Sarin and VX, What is a chemical weapon? international conventions against the use of chemical weapons, worst chemical attack in history, ‘red line’, chemical weapons taboo, chemical weapon agent, International law on chemical weapons, Modern agreements.



1. How Rail Development Authority will change the Indian Railways landscape

2. Cabinet approves setting up rail regulator to recommend passenger fares

3. Cabinet approves setting up of Rail Development Authority

The Rail Development Authority will revolutionize the Indian railway landscape-Discuss.


4. Going overboard with cow protection

Have some of the governments with banning cow slaughter infringed individual rights of people-comment.


6. Why the brutal war in Syria exposes the global cant on chemical weapons

6. Chemical agents: What they are, what they do, how they’re regulated

Write a note on chemical agents and their regulation.