UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice


Answer writing is one of the most important aspects of the IAS examination A Candidate while reading a chapter, does extensive work on the chapter. Two situations arise from here which at the time become for one’s preparation. One, student reads topics which are not relevant for the exam and the second find it different to articulate the points into a proper answer. Both the issues make a huge difference in the Mains Examination??

To avoid this, it’s very important for a candidate to start practicing how to write a good answer from day 1. Any advice or lecture will not help you realize this. It’s only the regular practice that would push you in the right direction.

To help the candidates in this very aspect, Byju’s is starting a new initiative where everyday 1 question will be posted in this section. You can either write the answer on a shut of paper, scan it and submit in the comments or you can type the answer in the comment box itself. The answer submitted can be per-reviewed. Byju’s will also provide an insight into these answers and help you improve your answer writing skills

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