GMAT Course Structure

Step 1: Start GMAT Preparation by joining foundation building sessions of 60 hours for Grammar, Reading, Reasoning and Math.

Step 2: Master simple shortcuts to solve quant questions along with our unique mathematical approach for verbal questions by practicing our initial 250 questions.

Step 3: Go for engaging video solutions to learn the use of concepts and techniques on 800 questions of the GMAT official guide.

Step 4: Use our unique diagnostic tool kit for smart progress tracking. Solve section-wise questions to get a detailed feedback on your problem areas, then rectify the mistakes in your problem areas to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Step 5: Explore our adaptive question banks which will help you improve your weak sections by solving questions in specific areas.

Step 6: Enjoy a bundle of special 750+ high level questions to push your limits.

Step 7: In the final stage of your GMAT prep, test yourself with our 5 full length GMAT mock exams and get a complete analysis.

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