Do not believe all this? Join us at our webinar series ” Saturdays with Santosh” conducted by Mr. PN Santosh, GMAT 780 scorer & ISB-Hyd Alumnus and be a part of the elite group of our 700 + scorers.

Our GMAT Promise

Best Content

1.Covers everything right from basics to high level concepts, exclusively tailor-made for Indian students by Indian teachers.
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2.Simple rules to answer GMAT verbal and GMAT quant questions in the shortest time possible.
We have a mathematical rule based approach even for verbal
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Best Tutors

1. Learn from an ISB alumnus and Ex-Mckinsey consultant with 5 years of successful teaching experience who has designed a revolutionary way of learning concepts

2. Great results from passionate teachers, who are not just experienced; they are 99 percentilers and teachers by choice!

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Best Personalised Delivery

1. One-on-One mentoring sessions by talented teachers to give you the personal attention you need!
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2. Our uniquely built Diagnostic Tool uses feedback analytics to help you correct your weaker areas, leading you to a much higher score than you may expect
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