Gravitational Field Formula

Gravitational Field is an area of space surrounding a body in which another body experiences a force of attraction.

A Gravitational field is used to explain the influence of a massive body which extends into the space around itself and produces a force on another huge body. It describes gravitational phenomena and is measured in newtons per kilogram (N/kg).

A gravitational field is a force that exists in the space around every individual or group of masses. This area extends in all directions, but the magnitude of the gravitational force decreases as the distance from the body increases.

Gravitational field can be described by considering the earth as a reference body. Two objects in the gravitational field experience a force which is known as gravitational force.

The gravitational field formula is expressed as,


F = gravitational force and

m = mass of the object

Example 1

If the gravitational force and mass of a substance are 10N and 5kg, determine the gravitational field.


The given parameters are,

F = 10N

 m = 5 kg

the formula for gravitational field is given by

g = F / m

g = 10 / 5

= 2 N/kg

Example 2

Calculate the gravitational field if the mass and force of a substance is given as 6kg and 36N respectively.


The given parameters are,

F = 36N

 m = 6kg

The formula for gravitational field is expressed by,

g = F / m

g = 36 / 6

   = 6 N/kg