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  • What is GRE Exam? The GRE Exam (Graduate Record Examination) is a standardized online exam that is an admittance compulsion for most graduate schools abroad to apply for a masters or PHD in any field . You can write the GRE exam any time during the whole year by selecting a slot for the exam 45 days prior. It is created and supervised by ETS (Educational Testing Service) and aims to measure your aptitude in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing.

  • GRE exam is provided as a computer based exam overseen at various Prometric testing centres located all over India. Most of the top graduate schools require a GRE score as one of the selection criteria in admission for masters programs. The GRE exam pattern and syllabus remains constant throughout the whole year. The GRE exam aspires to determine the extent to which undergraduate education has enhanced a student’s aptitude base in abstract thinking.

  • A computer based exam which is conducted year round, subjected to seat availability and can be given any number of times with a gap of 21 days between consecutive attempts. In a year, a candidate can attempt it maximum 5 times.

  • Graduate schools will consider your best GRE score among all the attempts. So if you didn’t score well in the first attempt, you always have a backup option of retaking the exam and sending fresh scores.

  • The total testing time of the GRE exam is 3 hours and 45 minutes.

  • The total cost of giving the exam is $ 205.

  • Your GRE score will be valid for 5 years.

  • You can select up to 4 graduate schools to send your scores. If you wish to apply to more schools, you have to spend extra $27 per school.

  • A good GRE score can compensate for an average or below average academic record in your undergrad.

  • You can apply to technical, managerial, techno-managerial , PHD , Languages, Social Studies and a bunch of other types of masters through this exam.

  • Aim for a GRE score of 320+ to be eligible for applying to almost all colleges abroad.

  • You can also use the GRE score to apply for an MBA or MiM in India.

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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is the entrance test commonly required to take for most Graduate Schools in the United States. Administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS) started in the year 1949, tests an individual's capability to measure quantitative aptitude, reasoning skills, verbal reasoning, critical reasoning skills and analytical writing. GRE is a General Test that is offered as a computer - based exam administered as Prometric testing centers.

The level of importance on the scores varies among the colleges between departments within the schools. The importance of scores can range from being a formality for admission or a vital selection factor after which there might be several process to bag a seat in the university

The cost for taking GRE Exam is US$205, although ETS have agreed to reduce the fee under special circumstances which also promotes financial aid to the GRE applicants if economic hardships is proven.

The scoring scale changed from being 130 - 170 to 200 - 800 in the year 2011. The sections were refurbished on a section to section basis, which determines the level of difficulty in the next section by the performance on first verbal and quantitative section. Unlike CAT, which determines the level of question in the next question by the performance in the current question.

Eligibility criteria for GRE Examination

The students who are about to graduate and want to make an entry in the business world Almost all the top MBA colleges in around the world accept GRE Exam score for admission. The prospective graduate who are interested in pursuing MBA, master's and specialized master's in business or research and doctoral degree, have to take this GRE General Test. The best part about this test is diversity - applicants come from various background and culture to take the test as GRE provides a common platform to test and compare candidate's qualification.

GRE Exam scores may be accepted along with academic record, fellowship panel and recommendation letters to supplement the admission procedure.

Structure of GRE

The pattern and structure of GRE examination is as follows:

Verbal Reasoning: Measures the candidate's ability to analyze and evaluate the written material. Analyze relationships among the sentences and recognize relations among words and concepts.

Quantitative Reasoning:The candidate's problem solving skills is measured. basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis is tested in this section.

Analytical Writing : Tests if the candidate can articulate complex ideas clearly and assertively.

Pattern of GRE Exam:

Section Time Includes
Analytic Writing 2 Essays – 30 Minutes Each The type of two essays are issue essay and an argumentative essay. They will be evaluated by 2 or 3 readers. There are no wrong answers for this section.
Break 10 Minutes
Verbal Reasoning 2 Sections each with 20 questions, 30 Minutes for each section Includes a mix of reading comprehension passages, sentence completion and equivalence questions. The questions will be having either single or multiple answers where as the text completion questions will have upto three blanks.
Quantitative Reasoning 2 Sections each with 20 questions, 35 Minutes for each section Each quantitative section consists of about 8 quantitative comparisons questions, 9 problem solving question, and 3 data interpretation questions.
Unscored Section Purely experimental by ETS to try out possibility of adding new sections during the test. This doesn't count toward the test scores. The section will either contain math or verbal test.

Validity of GRE Scores

The scores are valid for the period of 5 years after test administration date. For Example, scores for the test that is taken on 1st of June 2016, will be valid until 20th May 2021.

ScoreSelect Option in GRE

GRE has an option to choose the best score if test is given within 5 years. The ScoreSelect option in GRE will enable the students to take the test more confidently and send the scores that they feel are their personal best. Available for both the GRE General Test and GRE Subject Tests.

GRE Subject Test:

GRE Subject Tests are taken to test the knowledge in specified areas of subjects including Biochemistry, Biology, Molecular biology, Literature in English, Physics and Psychology. Each exam is of 170 minutes.

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