What is written in Ashoka Pillar?

The Ashoka Pillar consists of inscription and edicts issued through his rule. They are as follows

Ahsoka’s 7 Pillar edicts:

Pillar Edict 1: It describes Ashoka’s principle of being a protector to his people.
Pillar Edict 2: Lays down the definition of Dhamma as the minimum of sins, many virtues, liberality purity and truthfulness.
Pillar Edict 3: Eradicates sins of harshness, cruelty, anger, pride, etc.
Pillar Edict 4: Lists the duties of Rajukas.
Pillar Edict 5: Contains a detailed list of animals and birds which should not be killed on some days and another list of animals which are not to be killed at all.
Pillar Edict 6: Dhamma policy
Pillar Edict 7: Works done by Asoka regarding the formation of the Dhamma policy.

Minor Pillar Inscriptions:

  • Rummindei Pillar Inscription: It describes Ashoka’s visit the Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautama Buddha and how he exempted Lumbini from paying any further tax.
  • Nigalisagar Pillar Inscription, Nepal: It tells of how Ashoka increased the height of the stupa of Buddha Konakamana to its double size.

Major Pillar Inscription:

  • Sarnath Lion Capital: Located near Varanasi, it was built by Ashoka to commemorate the Dhammachakrapravartana or the first sermon of Buddha.

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