Selina Concise Biology Solution for ICSE Class 10 Chapter 12 Aids to Health

Selina Class 10 Biology solutions for chapter 12 Free Download

ICSE Selina publications Class 10 Biology ICSE Solutions Class 10 Biology Chapter 12 – Aids to Health is provided in a downloadable format. Students can download and get access to these solutions 24*7.

Personal hygiene includes the following:

  • To eat a balanced diet
  • Sleeping for sufficient hours
  • Going on the regular medical checkup
  • Keeping yourself clean
  • Exercising daily

First aid in different situations:

  • Cuts or wounds and bleeding – Take sterile gauze on the wad and press on the hurt area.
  • Insect sting – Applying baking soda or lime will help.
  • Poisoning – Make the person drink plenty of salt water, so there is vomiting and give an antidote to neutralize.

To know how to answer the questions asked on disinfectants, antibiotics, first aid and its principles, sulphonamides, immunization, antitoxins and other topics related to this chapter, download the free solutions PDF.


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