Time-Table Announced For ICSE 10th 2016

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has announced the Indian Certificate Secondary Examinations (ICSE) exam time table. Those who are pursuing ICSE can download the time table from the link given below.

The exams are scheduled from February 29th and will end on March 31st, 2016. English Language and Literature are the subjects which are going to be held first which can lighten the stress of the board aspirants.

Apart from the allotted time of the exam, extra 15 minutes will be provided to go through the question paper.
As, the dates are announced, stick to the study plans and strategically revise. Practice more sample question papers and go through crash study materials to brush up the entire syllabus.

As the crucial time for exams has begun, timetable is necessary for an aspirant to manage last minute revision, practice and preparation.

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Click here for the detailed time table of Class 10, 2016

Practise This Question

Ted bought a new TV set. He decided to keep it on a shelf in the corner of the room at some height so that the view gets better. If AB = AC = 48 inches, is the space enough for a TV with an area of the base (as isosceles right triangle shape) equal to 1200 square inches so that no part of the TV lies outside the shelf? If not, what should be the minimum length of AB?