ICSE 10th Maths Solutions

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is one of the reputed boards in India. This exam is conducted by Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. ICSE board examination is said to be the toughest in India. So, in order to make the concepts of mathematics easy to the students of class 10th, we have provided step by step ICSE10th maths solutions. The topics covered are 1. Number system 2. Algebra 3. Geometry 4. Trigonometry 5. Statistics 6. Probability 7. Coordinate Geometry 8. Mensuration. The solutions to these topics are provided by the best teachers in India. It is said that 3 out of 5 are weak at mathematics as they do not find it interesting because the concepts are difficult to understand. At the end of the description, you will find the notes for ICSE 10th maths syllabus. BYJU’S understands the problem faced by the students and has made learning interesting and easy. How?

  • Learn while you watch videos from expert math teachers
  • You can take up chapter wise math test to practice to perfection
  • Get feedback and analyze to master yourself in any math topic that you lag
  • Challenging yourself by participating in math quizzes
  • Take up math classes any number of times until you are thorough with a particular topic

TheICSE 10th maths solutions provide solutions to unsolved problems prescribed in ICSE textbook. Chapter wise solution for easy understanding and quick grasping of students is available. Also, to practice and keep revising the math concepts you can download our math app. This is developed for students to keep in touch with the formulas etc and increase their confidence before the math exam.

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Practise This Question

Puja decides to cut a circular disk in 4 equal parts. What is the perimeter of each part? (Given that the radius of the disk = 7cm, π = 227)