ICSE 2016

ICSE 2016

It is a well known fact that, ICSE 2016 boards are going on and the board syllabus is extremely comprehensive and thorough. That is the reason why the pass percentage of ICSE board result is slightly different to CBSE. Great emphasis is laid on the learning of science, humanities and language. Although the volume of the syllabus is something students often huge school days, it really helps them cope up with higher education and competitive preparation later in life.

ICSE syllabus 2016 has undergone a change. When earlier mark break up for ICSE subjects was 50% for practical and 50 for theory, now it has been changed to 70­-30 percent. This change will be executed for ICSE 2016 board exam, and is already there for ISC board.

For the year 2018, ICSE is also taking steps to include the papers in its curriculum which will substantially benefit the students to appear for competitive examinations. This is a welcome change as it will bridge the gap for the students to be able to cope with the competitive examination subject preparation after class 12th board examination. Check this page for all the notifications related to ICSE board result 2016and other news related to ICSE board. Byju’s classes wishes all those who are appearing for ICSE 10th Board examination ­ Best of Luck!

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In the chemical reaction Cl2+H2S2HCl+S, the oxidation number of sulphur changes from