ICSE Biology Class 10 Solved Question Papers

ICSE is known for its vast and extensive syllabus. It is only Indian board which accredited by the international standards of the foreign universities such as the Cambridge University. CISCE council was established in the year 1958.

Learners are advised to use these question papers after completion of their syllabus as they can gain confidence, which is required for them before their exams.Student should solve the question papers of previous year so that they can get aware of the type of questions that might come in the final board exams. ICSE biology of class 10 have a lots diagrams associated with each chapters like the Transpiration, The Circulatory System, The Reproductive System, The Excretory System, The Nervous System etc. To prepare for class 10 biology exam student should prepare each chapter with proper diagrams and refer the solved version of the previous year question papers. Here at BYJU’S we provide you with latest icse biology class 10 solved question papers which the students can easily download in pdf form.

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Which of the following correctly matches the plant hormone with its effect on the plant?