ICSE Class 10 Maths Previous Year Paper


The main concern of students is that they get panicked in board examinations as they have not written board examinations before in their academic life. To remove these fear from them, both parents and teachers always advise their students to solve more previous year question paper as they get an exact idea about the paper pattern and while solving these ICSE class 10 previous year papers, most of the students feel their presence of answering the question in their exam hall.

To score maximum marks in class 10 maths subjects, students can practice several numbers of these previous year papers before ICSE board examinations. By doing these, it relieves the student’s exam pressure. Students can download the ICSE class 10 maths previous year paper from our website anytime to know the exact exam pattern and to check the types of questions asked along with their marking system and time allotted for each question.


Practise This Question

The following table shows the frequency distribution of the diameters of 40 bottles. Find the mean of the data.