ICSE Question Paper For Class 7 Maths


These ICSE question papers for class 7 maths have been designed by the subject experts which are completely based on the ICSE current syllabus and question paper pattern. This question papers are mainly prepared to help the students to practice systematically and score maximum in the upcoming exams. These ICSE question papers are available along with their solutions. Students can easily download these question papers from our website BYJU’S and use it during their revision sessions.

As maths is an important subject, every student need to have a regular practice in order to make the maths concepts easier and more interesting. Therefore, practice these maths question papers on a regular basis along with other study materials.

The class 7 maths question papers include all the chapters related to the ICSE class 7 maths syllabus and help students to learn more about the complete question paper pattern, important questions, understanding the marking scheme in the examination, about the time management and to develop the self-evaluation skills to know about their own performance level.


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State true or false
The distance between two places is 10 km. A person travels 4 km, which is 50% of the entire journey.