ICSE Class 9 Biology Question Paper


Class 9 plays an important role in determining how much are you prepared to face the class 10th examination. Class 9 is all about preparing a student and building confidence by testing his or her skills of answering the questions in all the aspects

In class 9 the students will be introduced to many crucial topics that are important to understand the higher level concepts in class 10.

To score good marks in class 9 examination it is important that one must solve the previous year question papers to get acquainted with the exam pattern, types of question asked in the examination, knowing all these help students to prepare accordingly for the examination. While preparing for the examination it is advised to make a study schedule so that you don’t miss a single topic of biology. You must solve as many sample papers along with solutions to every question of exercise from the school textbooks for class 9.

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What is the basic unit of classification?