ICSE Class 9 Chemistry Previous Year Papers


The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is considered to be one of the top boards in which a child can get educated in our country. The main objective of this board of education is to deliver a general education for the students by providing sufficient learning opportunities for their continuous development. The ICSE exam is much tougher compared to the others.

All the students appearing for class 9 final exams are advised to practice more previous year papers. ICSE class 9 previous year papers help students to learn about how to manage the allotted time during exams as most of the students struggle in finishing the exam paper even after a thorough preparation.

ICSE class 9 chemistry previous year papers familiarize student with the chemistry question paper pattern. To help the students with their preparations, our website BYJU’S is helping students by providing free previous year question papers along with their solutions. These help students to remove the fear of the exam from them and also provides the complete guidance about the different types of questions asked in the finals.


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Thomson compared atom to watermelon and thus derived some conclusions.Which of the following are his conclusions?