ICSE Class 9 Chemistry Question Papers


ICSE class 9 play a major role in determining how much a student is prepared to appear for class 10 Board exams. As class 9 is all about the foundations for class 10, 11 and 12. Students performing in class 9 exams prepare and set up themselves for higher educations.

ICSE Question Paper for class 9 is prepared by our subject experts in accordance with the present syllabus, exam pattern and under the guidelines given by the ICSE board of education. This question paper guides students about the marks distribution. Therefore, students can have an accurate idea about the expected questions and also about the several different ways a question can be asked along with the marks allotment.

By practicing previous years, ICSE Class 9 Chemistry Question Papers, students gain confidence about their preparations and also helps in self-evaluation. The model question papers are easily and freely available for the students on our website in PDF format. Students can download them and used it for their exam preparations along with other study materials. Solving these question papers before exams help students to know about some important topics having high weightage in marks distribution, such as Water, Physical and Chemical Changes, Gas Laws, etc. and also about the regularly repeated questions.


Practise This Question

A boy is punished and is instructed to run around a circular track on the ground for 1 hour, he loses all his energy in half an hour and falls down. Imagine the boy to be an electron and the ground as an atom. Drawback of which atomic model can you relate to this?