ICSE Class 9 Physics Previous Year Question Papers

The Indian School of Certificate Examination(ICSE) is conducted by the CISCE(Council for the Indian School of Certificate Examination) Board in India. This board was established in the year 1958. CISCE board of India is committed to serve the nation’s children through quality education, empowering the children by providing practical knowledge on each of the maths and science subjects they learn in class.

Class 9 ICSE is one of the important stage in a learner life because it lays the foundation to their basic concepts of class 10. A student can score very good marks in class 10 ICSE board examination only if student is thorough with the topics in class 9 syllabus.

ICSE previous year question papers for class 9 Physics is prepared by the Byju’s in such a way that it helps a student dig deep into subject concepts that are mentioned in the ICSE class 9 physics syllabus. These previous year question papers are also used as test for analysing the students performance to find out their flaws and help them overcome these flaws through adequate help in the form of study materials and interactive classes. The chapters are covered according to the recommended ICSE syllabus for class 9th physics. The chapters that are covered are Estimation and Units, Measurement of Length, Mass, Volume and Time, Laws of Motion, Pressure and Upthrust, Floatation, Electricity, Magnetism, etc. Important questions from all these topics are prepared in a well structured manner. Here at BYJU’ we provide you with the complete sets of physics previous year question papers for class 9 ICSE.

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From rest you suddenly stand up and start walking. But according to Newton's first law there has to be a force for change of state. What force made you move?