ICSE Class 9 Physics Question Papers


The ICSE( Indian School of Certificate Examination ) and ISC examinations are conducted for standard 10th and 12th and are regulated by CISCE( Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination ) board in India. The CISCE council was established in the year 1958. The ISC and ICSE boards are well known boards which have voluminous and extensive syllabus.

Class 9 ICSE is one of the important stage in a learner life because it lays the foundation to their basic concepts of class 10. A student can score very good marks in class 10 ICSE board examination only if student is thorough with the topics in class 9 syllabus.

Students should practice questions which are given at the back of each chapter. Physics is an important subject which can only be understood with the help of real life examples and by solving several problems related to that subject. These question papers helps the students to find out their flaws and help them overcome these mistakes through adequate help in the form of study materials and interactive classes. Important questions from all these topics are prepared in a well structured manner. Here at BYJU’S we provide you with the complete sets of Physics Question Papers for Class 9 ICSE.

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The following figure shows the elliptical path of a planet about the sun. The two shaded parts have equal areas. If t1, t2 be the time taken by the planet to go from A to B and from C to D respectively–