ICSE Question Paper Class 10


The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, called in short as the ICSE, is the name of the boards coming under the council for the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. The ICSE is renowned for its the name that it has created for itself as one of the prestigious boards to be currently enrolling students in our country.

For students looking to set up promising future for themselves in studies and in their career, the important topics start to come into play from class 10. Thus to help students of class 10 under the ICSE, we are providing icse class 10 question papers with answers. By working on the ICSE class 10 Question Papers, students will be able to understand the pattern of the questions which will be coming for the upcoming exam. This will give candidates an opportunity to give their best for the final exam and accordingly set up a good base of knowledge for their upcoming ISC exam in the future.


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Which of these are the characteristics of a good sources of energy?