ICSE Question Papers for class 8


The ICSE( Indian certificate for Secondary Education ) has strategically designed the learning material for class 8 so that students are aware about the topics and its parts that they should complete during the academic session. This board is known for its world class pattern of education and tough examination process. ICSE has added Science and Maths as a compulsory subject in class 8th syllabus. To maintain the educational standards the ICSE board revises the syllabus every year. Many reputed subject experts work in tandem so as to prepare study materials in line with defined educational norms and standards.

ICSE question papers for class 8th are the best resources for the students to prepare for the upcoming examination as it gives complete details about the type of questions that the teachers might ask and the marking scheme of the science syllabus. Students should make this as a habit to practice the question papers after each topic they study this will enable them to get a an exam environment. It is certainly an excellent learning resource as it gives students a chance to determine their weak areas and also to develop a good pace in exams. Students can prepare science and maths topics with ICSE question paper for class 8 and can perform well in exams. Here at BYJU’S you can download the complete set of ICSE question papers for class 8 along with the solution which are available in pdf form.


Practise This Question

The applied force F is enough to move, both block A and B together.The frictional force between A nad B does ________ work on A and _________ work on B.