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The ICSE board is one of the standard boards in India which provides general education for the students. Compared to other board of education, ICSE – Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is considered as the toughest board in the education system.

The best way of practicing for the board and other final exams are by solving ICSE Previous Year Question papers. Based on their requirement, students of different classes can download the freely available ICSE previous year question papers of different subjects from our website. These previous papers give an accurate idea about the question papers.

ICSE Previous Year Question papers are particularly based on the current and updated curriculum. Both students and teachers can use these solved question papers which are available in PDF format. By referring more and more previous years board papers, students become perfect in the question paper pattern for a particular class and subject. They also learn about the possibility of repeating questions and also it helps in reducing the student’s nervousness during answering their question paper in final examinations.

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Students can download these sets of question papers which are available in our website BYJU’S.

ICSE previous year Question Papers Features

The ICSE exam for class 10 plays an important role in shaping the career of a student. Whatever the student has studied in class 10 is of great importance in order to succeed in any of the competitive exams for which the student will be appearing. Solving ICSE Previous Year Question papers and specimen board papers will help students to prepare well. See. here some of the beneficial features of the question papers:

  • It helps students to familiarize with the exam pattern
  • It provides an insight into the type of questions asked
  • Students will know the marking scheme and how to leverage it
  • Helps students to time learn better time management
  • Helps students to evaluate their performance and knowledge gap

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Chromosomes are pinched off at the ends. These are called _____.