ICSE Question Papers


The ISC( Indian School Certificate ) examinations are conducted for standard 12th and are regulated by CISCE( Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination ) body. The CISCE council was established in the year 1958. The ISC(12th) and ICSE(10th) boards are well known boards which have voluminous and extensive syllabus. The CISCE board of India provide a structured syllabus for classes 1st to 12th.

The exam papers are much tougher than the other board papers. A number of different courses are provided by the ICSE board to the students for their continuous growth. The students who want to go in the foreign countries to complete their education generally prefers the ICSE board in their school examination.

ICSE Question Papers for Maths and Science are prepared by the Byju’s in such a way that it helps the learners study deep into subjects concepts that are mentioned in their ICSE syllabus. ICSE Question papers are also good for students appearing for their board exams of 10th and 12th as students get familiar with the pattern that is asked in the previous years. Important questions from all these topics are prepared in a well structured manner. Here at BYJU’ we provide you with the complete sets of ICSE Question papers from class 6th to class 12th.

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