Class 10 ICSE Solutions Chapter 11 Sulphuric Acid

ICSE Solutions Class 10 Chemistry Chapter 11 PDF Free Download

In chemistry, sulphuric acid is one of the most common acids that students come across while conducting experiments. Thus, in chapter 11 of Selina chemistry textbook students will read all about sulphuric acid – its properties, manufacturing process as well as its behaviour as an acid when diluted or concentrated. Keeping this objective in mind, we are offering free concise chemistry class 10 ICSE solutions for chapter 11 – sulphuric acid here to further make studying much easier. These solutions contain detailed information and answers prepared by experts that will help students understand each topic clearly and tackle all the important questions given in the chapter. Moreover, students can easily download the solutions in the form of a PDF and use them to study effectively, have a quick glance of the entire chapter and ultimately score higher marks in the examinations.

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Warm coffee is poured into a coffee mug and kept on a table, After some time we observe that coffee is not warm anymore, i.e., the temperature of coffee has decreased. Which among the following is the correct explanation for this phenomenon?