Class 10 ICSE Solutions Chapter 6 The Circulatory System

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The circulatory system is also known as a transport system. It is called so because it helps in the transportation of enzymes, hormones, water, electrolytes, food, antibodies to or from the body parts. Carbon dioxide and oxygen are transported to various parts of the body by the Red Blood Corpuscles. RBCs are also called as erythrocytes. Some of the functions of blood are:

  • It helps in the formation of the clot on any cut or wound
  • It helps in the transportation of food to cells
  • The oxygen from lungs to different body parts is carried by the blood

To know how to answer the questions asked on blood vessels, capillaries, the role of lymph, process of double circulation, blood pressure and other topics related to this chapter, download the free solutions PDF given here.

Practise This Question

Rearrange the following and match them with their correct descriptions:



(i) This gland secretes the growth hormone in the body
(ii) This hormone helps in regulating the blood sugar levels
(iii) Iodine deficiency leads to this condition
(iv) Hormone secreted in males at puberty