Class 10 ICSE Solutions Chapter 9 Household Circuits

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Have you wondered how electricity reaches your home? Electricity has to travel a long way to reach your house. In fact, the power station where the electricity is generated might be hundreds of miles away. Homes typically have a electrical wiring for power distribution. A household circuit has three wires namely, a live wire (red), a neutral wire (Black) and an earth wire (Green). In chapter 9 Electrical Power and Household Circuit of ICSE class 10 physics, understand the functionalities of all the three wires in detail. Provided below is a comprehensive ICSE solutions of class 10 concise physics chapter 9 Electrical power and Household Circuits.

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Statement 1: When white light ray passes through a prism it disperses into seven different colours, and this phenomenon is called dispersion.

Statement 2: Refraction depends upon the wavelength of light and since different colours have different wavelengths hence they are refracted at different angle and so they are split into the colour spectrum.