ISC Class 11 Chemistry Previous Year Papers


Chemistry is a very important subject for the students of class 11, because in both the examinations i.e JEE and NEET chemistry is a common subject. In class 11 lots of new chemistry topics are included which are very much essential to understand the higher level concepts which will be taught in class 12. If someone does not understand the topics of class 11 chemistry then it will be very much difficult for them to score good marks in class 12 board exams. So, if you have completed the syllabus of class 11 chemistry, then it is the best time for you to start solving previous year question papers of ISC Class 11 chemistry, solving these sample papers help to get acquainted with the latest syllabus, types of question asked in the examination, etc.

Solving the question helps to analyze the performance, like in which chapter or topic you need to focus more.

Solving the previous year question paper help to improve the speed and accuracy. It also helps to prepare a proper time management strategy.

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ISC Previous Year Paper for Class 11 Chemistry

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A when added to silica gives B. A and B are: