ISC Class 12 Chemistry Specimen Paper

ICSE Class 12 is an important and turning point of the student’s academic life. Based on their performance and results, their career is decided. The total marks secured in their class 12 board exams are also considered for other competitive exams. Therefore, all students are advised by their lectures and parents to practice more ISC class 12 specimen papers along with other study materials.

ISC class 12 chemistry specimen papers available on our website to help students in familiarizing the exam pattern and also increases their confidence and finally reduces their exam stress. These specimen paper covers all the important concepts, from an exam viewpoint. It also helps in increasing the student’s speed and accuracy while writing their final board exams. Practicing more specimen papers reduces the student’s panic attacks.

Students can easily view and download these specimen papers, along with their solutions from BYJU’S websites before their class 12 board exam and practice them regularly to score maximum marks. These specimen papers are released by ICSE- Indian Certificate of Secondary Education board of examination as per the latest and updated curriculum.

Download ISC Specimen Paper Class 12 Chemistry
ISC Specimen Papers for Class 12 Chemistry

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Biphenyl is obtained by treating chlorobenzene with Na metal in presence of ether, the reaction is called as :