ISC Class 12 Physics Specimen Papers


The ISC boards exams for class 12th are held in two stages first is the practicals and then the theory exam, these are conducted during the month of February and March. This board operates under the CISCE( Council for the Indian School of Certificate Examination ) council which was established in 1958. ISC board for Science follows study pattern that covers every major concept that a student needs to learn at a particular stage and many of the concepts are asked in competitive exams like the JEE, NEET , BITSAT.

The ISC class 12th board exam helps to shape career of a student. The class ISC 12th board exam scores help the students to get admission into various government college and top private colleges in India.

Physics plays an important role for students to understand the science behind how the nature works. Students should start practicing the isc class 12th physics specimen papers so that they can get an overview of the subject and get to know about the type and style of questions that might be asked. Important topics like dimensions, motion in one dimension, projectile motion, electromagnetism are covered. The specimen paper that are released by the main cisce site every year to help students so that they aware of the paper format. Here at BYJU’S get the complete set of ISC class 12 physics specimen paper along with the answers in PDF form.


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ISC Specimen Papers for Class 12 Physics

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A circular coil of radius 4 cm has 50 turns. In this coil a current of 2 A is flowing. It is placed in a magnetic field of 0.1 weber/m2. The amount of work done in rotating it through 180 from its equilibrium position will be