ISC Previous Paper Class 11


The Indian School Certificate Examination is the council in charge of conducting the ICSE which is short for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. The ICSE is considered to be one of the top boards in which a child can get educated in our country. For class 11th and 12th, the name the exam is called the ISC which is short for Indian School Certificate.

With class 11 being a hurdle towards a students dream of getting into their favorite college, the importance of working on isc previous papers doesn’t need much of an explanation. But, nonetheless, by working on sample papers the student will be able to understand the exam structure and also be able to assess their performance on the test. Based on this students will be able to spend time on topics where they are required the most. We have sample papers for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths. Register with BYJU’S to learn more.

Practise This Question

A thin circular ring of mass 'M' and radius 'R' is rotating about its axis with a constant angular velocity ω.  Four objects each of mass 'm', are kept gently to the opposite ends of two perpendicular diameters of the ring. The new angular velocity of the ring will be