ISC Question Paper Class 12


ISC stands for Indian School Certificate, is the name of the exam conducted by the same council for Indian School Certificate Examinations but for class 11th & 12th. English is added as an important and mandatory subject. There are also certain other electives to choose from like chemistry, physics, biology, home science, geography, sociology, history and more.

With class 12 being the final hurdle towards a students dream of getting into their favorite college, the importance of working on Question Papers don’t need much of an explanation. But, nonetheless, by working on Question Papers the student will be able to understand the exam structure and also be able to assess their performance on the test. Based on this students will be able to spend time on topics where they are required the most. We have Question Papers for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths. Register with BYJU’S to learn more.

Practise This Question

An electron is moving round the nucleus of a hydrogen atom in a  circular orbit of radius r. The coulomb force F between the two is  (WhereK=14πϵ0)