ISC Specimen Paper Class 11

The ISC is the abbreviated form of Indian School Certificate Examination which is conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations which is termed as CISCE in short. The ISC handles the examinations of class 11th and 12th whereas the ICSE handles classes upto 10th. The CISCE is renowned for being internationally accredited under the National Admissions and Accreditation agency in the United Kingdom. Thus students under the ICSE have an upper hand when it comes to foreign education when compared to the students of other indian boards.

Even Though they have certain advantages, clearing the exam is no easy task. Thus students must be extremely familiar with the exam structure and difficulty to give their best for the exam. That is why we have specimen papers for class 11 ISC. These specimen papers offer some sample questions to give people who are going to sit the exam an idea of what the real paper will be like. We offer specimen papers in subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Maths. Learn with the help of specimen papers, sample papers and previous year question papers with BYJU’S.

Practise This Question

A circular disc of mass 300 gm and radius 20 cm can rotate freely about a vertical axis passing through is center O. A small insect of mass 100 gm is initially at a point A on the rim. The insect initially stationary starts walking from rest along the rim of disc with such a time varying relative velocity that the disc rotates in the opposite direction with a constant angular acceleration = 2πrad/s2. After some time T, the insect is back at the point A

. What is the time taken by insect to reach the original position?