Jharkhand Board Class 10 Science Textbooks

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Science Textbooks are very important for the students and comes with solved examples, wherever it felt the need to clarify a concept. At the end of each chapter, a quick review is also given in the textbook of the important concepts covered in that chapter.

Class 10 Science of Jharkhand Board covers selected topics such as Materials, The World of the Living, How Things Work, Natural Phenomena and Natural Resources so on. The textbook takes an integrated approach to science and you won’t be able to find any sharp divisions into specialized streams like Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Environmental Science. Other topics that have found its place in the class 10 science textbook as per the JAC Board Syllabus includes the concerns for people with special needs, the issues of gender discrimination, energy and environment and more.

Download Jharkhand Board Class 10 Science Textbooks PDFs

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