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JEE Advanced Target JEE Advanced 2021
Paper 1
3 Hours
Paper 2
3 Hours

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JEE Advanced

India's Largest Mock Test

Participate to compete with other aspirants at an all India level.
JEE Advanced

Free Crash Course

Top 100 students in BYJU'S Mock Test to get Free Crash Course.
JEE Advanced

Exam Simulation

BYJU'S Mock Test provides a replica of competitive exams testing experience.
JEE Advanced


Scorecard containing subject-wise marks and percentile score along with expected All India Rank (AIR).
JEE Advanced

Video Solutions

Video solutions and in-depth analysis of the question paper.
JEE Advanced

Discussion Forum

Ask doubts, share key learning points, and discuss the mock test with other exam participants.
JEE Advanced

Learn Exam Skills

Improve crucial skills such as time management, how to attempt questions, etc.
JEE Advanced

Sample Test

Sample test to get acquainted with BYJU'S Mock Test platform.

Why should you take Mock Test?

Free online mock tests series for the most prestigious exams like JEE, NEET, NTSE etc.
BYJU'S Mock test platform mirrors NTA exams interface for realistic simulation and to benchmark students preparation.
The Mock Test will provide All-India Rank, Percentile and Advanced Analytics for student improvement.

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JEE Advanced 2021


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JEE Advanced 2021


Online Test
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Incredible Results in JEE Advanced 2020

JEE Advanced
JEE Advanced
AIR - 20
JEE Advanced
JEE Advanced
AIR - 42
JEE Advanced
JEE Advanced
AIR - 54
JEE Advanced
JEE Advanced
AIR - 59--
JEE Advanced
JEE Advanced
AIR - 63
JEE Advanced
JEE Advanced
AIR - 71--
JEE Advanced
JEE Advanced
AIR - 93
JEE Advanced
JEE Advanced
AIR - 98

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Frequently Asked Questions

All aspirants elligible for JEE Advanced 2021 can participate in BYJU'S All India Mock Test.
  1. Analyse your strengths and key areas of improvement with respect to the skills required to ace JEE Advanced 2021.
  2. Assess their understanding of basic concepts.
  3. Benchmark themselves against other students at the state and All-India Level.
  4. Understand the gaps in their preparation for the target exams and take corrective actions.
  5. Scorecard showing their Percentile, Subject-wise Analytics, and Subject-wise improvement points.
BYJU'S JEE Advanced Mock Test is free and open to all eligible students. You only need to give 6 hours of your valuable time.
Remember Time Is Money!
Online on https://byjus.com/jee-adv-mock/
Register using your personal details and a valid mobile number.
Similar to JEE Advanced 2021.
Yes. Students won't be allowed to appear in Paper-2 unless they have appeared in Paper-1 and successfully submitted their responses.
Predictive AIR will only be calculated for those students, who have successfully submitted both Paper-1 & Paper-2, though they will be able to check their responses.
Single answer correct MCQs
Every correct answer gets +3 marks
Every incorrect attempt gets -1 mark
Multiple answers correct MCQs
+4 if all the correct options are chosen
+3 if four options are correct but only three options are selected
+2 if three or more options are correct but only two options are chosen and both options must be correct
+1 if two or more options are correct but only option is chosen and it must be correct
-2 if any of the selected choices are incorrect
Numerical type
Every correct answer gets +4 marks
There is no penalty for incorrect response
BYJU'S JEE Advanced Mock Test has to be taken online. The test will be conducted on the BYJU'S website on at .
To login students must use their mobile number and the system generated password.
Students must save and continue during the test, and submit only when they have attempted the complete assessment.
BYJU'S JEE Advanced Mock Test can be taken on any Laptop, Desktop, Mobile Phone or Tablet. For best user experience, we recommend an updated Chrome browser. Kindly check your device, browser and your internet connection, to make sure you get a hassle free testing experience.
The link to start the test will remain active for 30 mins post the scheduled start time. Please ensure to login within this window to avail the full test duration for attempting the test. In case of disconnection due to internet problems and power failure, the test will resume from where you left
BYJU'S Mock Test is online. You can choose any place as per your convenience to login on your phone, tablet, or laptop to appear for the test.
Any Android, iOS, Windows or Mac device supporting a modern browser can be used to appear in the exam. Though, desktops and laptops are preferred as they offer a stable internet connectivity, and an easier user interface to take an online test.
Only way to login is using a registered Mobile number and a system generated password. You can click on forgot password to resend the password to you. Send an email to [email protected] if you're unable to access with your registered mobile number.
Yes. All eligible students, even BYJU'S students, can appear for BYJU'S JEE Advanced Mock Test. But, they will have to appear in the exam on their respective learn portals.
BYJU'S All India Mock Test is based on Internal parameters of BYJU'S. The applicant and the applicant's parents agree that BYJU'S shall not be held responsible for any loss/damage, caused to the applicant or the applicant's parent, due to the usage or placing reliance on BYJU'S Mock Test or the BYJU'S Mock Test results for any decision being made by the applicant's parent or the applicant. Applicant and applicant's parent agree that BYJU'S may use the data submitted by the applicant for its business.

Please send your queries to [email protected] or call on BYJU'S JEE Advanced Helpline 7829211116