Correct sequence of [Equation] of [Equation] at constant temperature.

a. [latex]U_{N_{2}} > U_{O_{2}} > U_{CO_{2}}[/latex]

b. [latex]U_{O_{2}} > U_{N_{2}} > U_{CO_{2}}[/latex]

c. [latex]U_{CO_{2}} > U_{O_{2}} > U_{N_{2}}[/latex]

d. [latex]U_{CO_{2}} = U_{O_{2}} = U_{N_{2}}[/latex]


Answer: (a)

[latex]U_{rms} = \sqrt{\frac{3RT}{M}}[/latex]

So, [latex]U_{rms}\: \alpha\: \frac{1}{\sqrt{m}}[/latex] (At constant temperature)

And as we know, Molar Mass: CO2 > O2 > N2

Therefore, Urms : UN2 > UO2 > UCO2

Hence, option a) is correct.

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