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Is Mercuric Chloride Poisonous

Mercuric chloride also known as Mercury(II) chloride is a very poisonous form of mercury. It is a type of mercury salt or a chemical compound of mercury and chlorine. Its formula wi written as HgCl2. Mercuric chloride is extremely toxic, both in low dose or if it is used as a poison.

Mercuric chloride can produce a range of toxic effects including serious internal damage especially in the stomach or mouth and intestines, corrosive injury, kidney failure, circulatory collapse, and ultimately death.

Some of the common side effects of mercuric chloride poisoning include burning sensations around the mouth or the throat, stomach ache, lethargy, vomiting of blood, severe discomfort and irritation in the intestines and kidney failure. Other side effects may include delayed reflexes, excessive salivation, insomnia, tremors, etc.

Poisoning due to mercuric chloride can lead to the death of a human in about less than 24 hours. This compound is said to have an estimated fatal dose of between 1 and 4 g for humans.

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