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Welcome to the BYJU’S JEE questions and answers page! Students and aspirants can access a huge library of questions covering all the important topics that are included in the JEE syllabus. The questions and answers have been prepared by a group of experienced subject matter experts. Students will find questions framed from Physics, Maths and Chemistry subjects.

The JEE questions and answers discussed here will give a much clearer idea of many JEE topics such as gravitation, thermodynamics, atomic structure, chemical bonding, binomial theorem, quadratic equation, etc. The questions have further been answered in an informative and easy to understand manner.

Alternatively, the questions are very important from an examination point of view and can help in quick revision of the different topics. Additionally, students can also clear their doubts and confusion by referring to these questions regarding any concept or topic. Students will find questions that are both conceptual and descriptive including definitions, principles, formulas, examples of, properties of, and types.

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Shikhar Mundra | AIR 20 - JEE Advanced 2020 |

The BYJU'S App was the first place I would go to, whenever I had any doubts in any concept. It was an integral part of my JEE preparation. The daily practice problems helped me revise and strengthen my concepts along with increasing my speed and accuracy.

Kunal Kundwani | AIR 63 - JEE Advanced 2020 |

The videos on the BYJU'S App aided in improving my weak areas in Chemistry. It was helpful in my preparation and I got to learn concepts in a different way. Practicing the mock tests and the AITS, along with the extensive analysis helped me identify my weak and strong areas.